Photography Underwater, stock, Corporate

We can provide custom or stock photography. Our team can also be hired for photojournalism assignments. We have a catalogue of over 10 000 images shot in more than 25 countries and destinations. Our photo subjects include macro, wide-angle,underwater reefs and landscapes and animals of all sizes. We also have an important gallery of shark images as well as an impressive cold-water portfolio.

HD Video Underwater, stock, Corporate

We offer custom or stock full HD video footage. We have an extensive catalogue of warm and cold-water animals and environments, including footage of over 15 species of sharks, wrecks and deep-water subjects. We can produce short films and documentaries. Our team can provide custom video work for promotional or corporate needs.

Scuba travel Groups, Individuals, Custom

We organise and lead group scuba diving trips to new, remote, exotic and exciting destinations. We can also organise individual or third party trips. We can be outsourced to plan the logistics of dedicated or remote expeditions or plan custom trips. We work with top industry partners and pride ourselves on overseeing every aspect of our dive expeditions. Visit the "TRAVEL" page for our upcoming expeditions.

Marketing For the Dive industry

We provide marketing tools and services to dive industry partners such as dive centres, resorts and liveaboards. Some of the services we offer are: promotional flyer design, web design, branding strategies and dive event planning. Our team can work to compliment existing promotional materiel and be hired for corporate photography or video needs.

Public Speaking Shows, Events, Fundraisers

Our team leaders are available to speak at corporate and dive events. Diving, travel, specific destinations, sharks, ocean conservation, these are some of the available topics. We can custom build a program for your specific needs or events. Our talks usually combine informative content alongside stunning photo and HD video imagery. Please visit our portfolio for samples of our work.

Training We do that too!

N2Pix offers photography and video workshops but also specific dive training that can be required for various types of expeditions. We have affiliations with several scuba diving agencies: PADI, DAN, PSI, IANTD, Tec Rec, TDI, EFR, GUE et HSA. We can train divers in technical, decompression and cave diving. Our instructors also offer speciality courses such as Nitrox, Trimix, Ice diving and Drysuit diving. For more information, click here for our affiliate website:
Absolute Diving

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