Big Island, Hawaii - Jan. 17-24, 2017

  1. The waters off the Big Island are an incredible place to dive!

    Where else can you go for a night dive with manta rays or try the incredible "Blackwater dive", calmly drifting over thousands of feet of water to see creatures rising up from the abyss?

    During the day, dolphins, sharks, colorful reef fish and turtles are all part of the show!

    Topside, the island is spectacular with its active volcano, snow-covered peaks and tropical rainforests, all easily accessible.

  2. We will be staying in a luxurious rental home during our trip.

    4-5 days of diving are planned with a possible combination of shore and boat diving.

    This is a self-catering home (shared kitchen and common areas) so no meals or land transportation are provided.

  3. Required level : Advanced Open Water
    Water temperature : 80°F
    Current : Light to moderate
    Visibility : 50'-80'
    Maximum depth : 130'

  4. Accomodation : $900 US
    Boat diving : $150 US / 2 dives
    Shore diving : $30 US / day
    Blackwater dive : $200 US
    Manta night dive : $150 US
    Hop on other islands : Contact us


Tobermory wrecks under ice - Feb. 10-13, 2017

  1. Explore Fathom Five National Marine Park in Tobermory in a whole new way.

    The area is recognized for its intact shipwrecks. Explorer them under ice!

    Join us as we explore them in crystal clear visibility with limited diver traffic.

  2. We plan on spending 3 days in the area to allow us to find the optimal place to dive with close access to the wrecks.

    The number of dives will depend on site preparation time but we should be able to conduct at least 2 dives per day over at least 2 days.

  3. Required level : Ice diver
    Ice Diver course available during this activity
    if you are Advanced Open Water certified

    Water temperature : 38°F
    Current : None
    Visibility : 60'-100'
    Maximum depth : 100'

  4. Accomodation : TBD
    Ice diving : TBD
    Rental tanks (air included) : $20 / day
    Nitrox add-on : $10 / fill
    Ice diver course : $299


Clipperton Atoll and Socorro - April 29-May 14, 2017

Big Migrations 2 - 2017 Expedition
  1. A unique chance to dive Clipperton Atoll.

    This atoll is under French jurisdiction and a very rare and special permit is required to stay within 12 nautical miles.

    Our expedition will host a scientific expedition. Its mission : Tag sharks to better understand their migration patterns.

    On the way to and from Clipperton, we will stop to dive the legendary Socorro Islands.

  2. The scientific mission is open to citizens as well. Come and learn from scientists how they study sharks. We will dive to help them uncover the mysteries of their migration. This is the peak season for Scallopped hammerheads.

    We are hoping that the data collected will help to enlarge the MPA recently created and convince authorities to join CMAR to create an extended corridor of protection in the ETP.

    By joining us, you also get a chance to dive Socorro during the peak season for Humpback whales.

  3. Required level : Advanced Open Water
    Water temperature : 82°F
    Current : Moderate to strong
    Visibility : 30'-60'
    Maximum depth : 200'

  4. Liveaboard : $5 299-$6 499 US
    Nitrox package (optional) : $150 US
    Port fee : $65 US
    Baja land based add-ons : Contact us


Lac des Piles, Quebec - July 15, 2017

  1. One of central Quebec’s best lake diving sites.

    It is an excellent place to observe many fresh water fish species including the burbot and the trout.

    The lake’s rock formations and underwater cliffs are very impressive not to mention the ruins of a hotel!

  2. We are planning 2 boat dives.

    The dive vessel is a comfortable pontoon boat with a head and very efficiently set-up to accommodate tanks and gear.

  3. Required level : Open Water
    Water temperature : 64°F
    Current : None
    Visibility : 20'-30'
    Maximum depth : 130'

  4. 2 boat dives : $80
    Not included : Marina fees
    Rental tanks (air included) : $20 / day
    Nitrox add-on : $10 / fill


Gloucester and Stellwagen Bank - August 19-20, 2017

  1. Many excellent dive sites, including interesting wrecks, are located just off the coast of Massachusetts.

    During Summer, the waters of the Atlantic are tempered and full of life.

    Depending on the site, you can be visited by seals or even encounter other species like spiny dogfish, shark and mola mola.

  2. Weather conditions allowing, we will attempt to dive sites located in the the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary zone.

    The relief plan for bad weather is to dive closer wrecks or reefs of the area.

    We plan on diving from shore on 2 days and boat diving on a third day.

  3. Required level : Advanced Open Water
    Water temperature : 45-65°F
    Current : Light to moderate
    Visibility : 20'-40'
    Maximum depth : 105'

  4. Dives, hotel and breakfast : $499 CAD


Saguenay Fjord, Canada - August 19-20, 2017

  1. Once visited by Cousteau's team, they decribed it as diving in perfectly clear water hidden under a layer of chocolate colored water.

    Visit the unique alien world of the Saguenay Fjord. You will dive during daytime, submerged in complete darkness, as if you were doing a night dive in the Carribbean though species encountered will blow you away.

    Northern cerianthids, Basket stars, Lion's manes, Nudibranchs, Seals and even Beluga whales can be encountered! Topside, whale and porpoise watching is also a feature of the area.

  2. The boat departs from Jonquiere, a 2-hour drive North of Quebec City.

    Package includes shore diving on Saturday and 2 dives from a boat with the permit required to dive in the Marine Proteced Area (MPA) on Sunday.

    You will be amazed by this experience and by the variety of species found.

  3. Required level : Advanced Open Water
    Water temperature : 37°F
    Current : Light drift
    Visibility : 40'-60'
    Maximum depth : 100'

  4. Dive package (4): $169
    Rental tanks (air included) : $20 / day
    Nitrox add-on : $10 / fill
    Hotel : optional


Atlantic Provinces, Canada - Aug. 31-Sept. 4, 2017

  1. Set off with us to the Maritimes to encounter large pelagic animals of the Atlantic.

    Our trip will bring us to explore 3 areas known for the presence of impressive pelagic species such as blue sharks, porbeagle sharks and tunas.

    Whales are also abundant in the area and who knows what we can find off in blue water?

  2. Our trek will bring us to search for pelagics in 3 provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

    Logistics and details available soon.

  3. Required level : Open Water
    Water temperature : 50-56°F
    Current : Light to moderate
    Visibility : 20'-40'
    Maximum depth : 60'

  4. Dive package : TBD
    Accomodation package : TBD
    Rental tanks (air included) : $20 / day
    Nitrox add-on : $10 / fill


Mingan, Quebec - Sept. 14-18, 2017

  1. The Mingan archipelago is explored by very few divers.

    Each summer, its rich waters are visited by several species of marine mammals and more notably by the blue whale.

    We will also visit an island famous for its colony of puffins and maybe even discover an ancient wreck during our dives?

  2. We are planning for 3 days of diving once on site.

    Lodging and inclusion details will be available soon.

  3. Required level : Open Water
    Water temperature : 40-50°F
    Current : Light to moderate
    Visibility : 20'-30'
    Maximum depth : 130'

  4. Dive package : TBD
    Accomodation package : TBD
    Rental tanks (air included) : $20 / day
    Nitrox add-on : $10 / fill


Greenland - Summer 2018

  1. Join us on an adventure as we set out to come face to face with mythical animals, with the ultimate goal to dive with Greenland sharks.

    During summer, the coastal waters of Greenland are visited by whales, orcas, seals and walrus. With a bit of luck, polar bears can even be spotted if ice conditions are right.

    As a bonus, the coast of Greenland boasts spectacular and unforgettable landscapes.

  2. We will be chartering a liveaboard vessel for this expedition.

    The complete itinerary will be available but includes the possibility of iceberg diving, depending on weather conditions.

  3. Required level : Advanced Open Water
    Water temperature : 30-40°F
    Current : Light to moderate
    Visibility : 30'-60'
    Maximum depth : 130'

  4. Liveaboard : TBD
    Nitrox package : TBD
    Other fees : TBD
    Flight options : Contact us


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