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    DAN Diving InsuranceDivers Alert Network

    If you dive outside the province of Quebec, you should have dive insurance.
    You can get coverage for diving accidents, trip cancellation and loss of diving equipment.
    Available for as little as $40 USD per year, why wait?

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    Marine Rescue GPSNautilus Lifeline 2 - $179.99 USD

    Never be worried about getting lost at sea. The new version of the popular beacon (Nautilus Lifeline 2) is lighter and more compact than the 1st version. It is water resistant to 130 meters (425'), is positively buoyant and does not require any configuration. When activated, the beacon emits a distress signal while also relaying your GPS position to nearby boats (34-mile radius) and on the Coast Guard channel. The beacon can be activated anywhere in the world.

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    Casing for Marine Rescue GPSNautilus Lifeline 2 - $20.99 USD

    Protect your Nautilus Lifeline 2 with this custom casing.
    Made from high quality silicone, it resists to both salt and fresh water.
    It comes with 2" slots so it can be threaded on a weight belt.

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    Nitrox AnalyzerAnalox O2EII Pro - $259.99 USD

    When you travel and dive on nitrox, it isn’t rare to notice that some of the analyzers that are made available by dive operations are inaccurate and sometimes even defective. To plan your dives, avoid accidents and adjust your dive computer’s settings, you must be able to know with accuracy the percentage of oxygen contained in your cylinder.
    Built with an oxygen sensor that has a lifespan of 4-5 years, this analyzer is the most reliable on the market. You can take readings directly from the valve of the cylinder or from the connector of your BCD inflator hose (optional flow restricter needed).

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    Trimix AnalyzerAnalox ATA Pro - $729.99 USD

    Analox’s trimix analyzer allows you to measure, with one operation, the percentages of all the individual gases contained in the mix (oxygen, helium and nitrogen). Simply turn it on, let the gas enter the analyzer and then, by pressing the button, toggle from one gas reading to the other.
    The user replaceable oxygen sensor has a lifespan of 4-5 years. The helium and nitrogen readings do not require any cell replacements.

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